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High Point, NC Lawn & Landscaping Services

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We offer lawn and landscaping services to homes and businesses in High Point, NC.

Keep your property looking beautiful year-round by maintaining and improving your lawn and landscape.

High Point, NC is a city in Guilford County that has been known for its excellent furniture manufacturing industry, earning the title "Furniture Capital of the World." One of the most famous attractions in this thriving city is the World's Largest Chest of Drawers. However, there are also other places to visit here, such as the High Point Theatre, Museum of Old Domestic Life, High Point Museum, and more!

While we are no experts in the furniture industry, we are experts at everything lawn and landscaping! Our team at Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation helps homeowners and business owners in High Point, NC improve their curb appeal and keep their property looking beautiful year-round with our lawn and landscaping services.

We Offer a Full-Service Landscape Maintenance Program

Aerator machine in lawn plugging out cores in High Point, NC.

At Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation, we provide a full-service landscape maintenance program that includes excellent lawn care services to keep your grass robust throughout the growing season. Our team will strengthen your lawn and prevent weeds from taking away nutrients to keep it healthy and vibrant.

You can also count on our experienced crew to ensure your landscape looks its best year-round. From mowing your turf to installing mulch on your landscape beds and more, we carry a wide array of landscape maintenance services that will make your yard look pristine and well-manicured. Our full-service landscape maintenance program includes:

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With Beautiful Hardscapes & Softscapes

Water feature added above pool in High Point, NC.

Creating a beautiful outdoor space is also something we do at Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation. If you want to upgrade your outdoor space in High Point, our design and build services are perfect for improving your property's curb appeal! We can install decorative hardscapes and softscapes that can be your property's focal point, like patios, fire features, water features, and more. We also offer outdoor lighting installation to showcase your landscape's best assets. Our team also provides services to help you establish a new lawn like seeding, sod installation, and artificial turf installation. Check out all our design and build services below:

Our irrigation services include installation, management, repairs, and more!

Watering your lawn and plants the old-fashioned way with a hose is tiring and time-consuming. Let our team install an irrigation system on your property in High Point so you can spend more time doing other things you love! We can also maintain it and repair any malfunctioning parts to ensure it is working efficiently, so you don't have to worry about rising water bills and an overwatered or underwater lawn. Below are our top-notch irrigation services:

We also provide drainage and grading services!

Give our experts a call today to schedule our lawn and landscaping services!

At Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation, our team is committed to delivering high-quality and reliable results to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in High Point, NC. From lawn care and landscape maintenance to design and build services, we are your local go-to team. Call us today at (336) 396-9191 to schedule our lawn and landscaping services.


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