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Oak Ridge, NC Landscaping & Irrigation Services

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We provide landscaping and irrigation services for commercial and residential properties in Oak Ridge, NC.

Our team provides lawn and landscape maintenance, design and build services, irrigation services, and more.

The charming town of Oak Ridge, NC in Guilford County is home to more than 7,000 residents. This village is famous for the historic Old Mill of Guilford, which was founded in 1767 and is still operational to this day! This town is also in close proximity to attractions like the Cascades Preserve and the Kernersville Lake Park where you can soak in the beauty of nature.

Our pros at Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation are glad to serve commercial and residential property owners in Oak Ridge, NC with our expert landscaping and irrigation services. Our services include lawn and landscape maintenance, design and build services, drainage and grading, and irrigation services.

We offer a full-service landscape maintenance program.

Liquid fertilizer being applied to lawn in Oak Ridge, NC.

At Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation, we offer a full-service landscape maintenance program to help property owners in Oak Ridge, NC improve the health and appearance of their lawns. This program includes lawn care services such as fertilization, weed control, aeration, and more to help boost the health of your grass. When you sign up for our full-service maintenance program, we will also take care of your landscape. Our team will ensure your yard is free from unappealing debris and adorned with freshly trimmed plants. If you own a commercial property in Oak Ridge, you can leave snow removal to our team so you can focus more on your business. Below are the services included in our full-service landscape maintenance program:

Enjoy a Hydrated Lawn With Our Irrigation Services

A professional repairing a faulty irrigation sprinkler in lawn in Oak Ridge, NC.

Watering your grass and plants can be such a hassle! At Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation, we can install an irrigation system to ensure your lawn and landscape plants in Oak Ridge, NC, remain well-hydrated, while you focus on other important matters. We can also repair irrigation systems and we even offer a maintenance program to ensure your system is running efficiently. We offer the following irrigation services:

We also provide drainage and grading services to prevent issues with water pooling in your yard.

We can create stunning outdoor spaces with our design and build services.

If you want to improve your outdoor space in Oak Ridge, NC our team is ready to help. From fire pits that add warmth to your property to outdoor kitchens where you can make delicious home-cooked meals, we'll help you create an outdoor space that fits your lifestyle and improves the ambiance of your property. Below are the design and build services we offer:

Our outdoor kitchens can be equipped with a variety of amenities including grills, coolers, refrigerators, and more!

Call our experts today to schedule our landscaping and irrigation services or any of our other services!

At Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation, we provide top-quality landscaping and irrigation services, as well a variety of other services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Oak Ridge, NC. Our licensed contractors and irrigation technicians have the experience, skills, and knowledge needed to complete any job. If you want to take your property to the next level, call us today at (336) 396-9191 to schedule any of our services.


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