After laying down new sod in North Carolina, it's important to establish a proper watering routine to help it take root and thrive. Start by giving the sod a deep watering as soon as it's installed to aid in root establishment. During the first 2 weeks, water the sod multiple times a day to keep it consistently moist and promote strong root growth. As you progress into weeks three and four, reduce the frequency of watering but increase the duration of each session. You should also avoid watering at night to prevent fungal issues, and instead, do so in the early morning for the best results. By following these guidelines for watering your new sod, you can look forward to a healthy and vibrant lawn in no time!

Water New Sod Deeply Immediately After Installation

New sod being watered by irrigation system in Greensboro, NC.

After laying down new sod, it's really important to give it a good, deep watering right away. You want to make sure that the soil beneath the sod is thoroughly moistened so that the roots of the new grass can establish themselves properly. This initial watering is crucial for the sod to take root and thrive. If the sod becomes dry, it may struggle to establish itself effectively, leading to an inconsistent and patchy lawn.

Water New Sod Frequently for the First Two Weeks After Installation

In the two weeks following the installation of new sod, water it frequently throughout each day. When watering the grass, it's best to water lightly instead of drenching it like during the initial installation. By watering the lawn frequently but lightly, you'll provide it with optimal moisture to help the roots grow deeper into the soil, which will promote the success of your new turf.

About two weeks after installation, you can test your sod to see if it's ready for mowing by gently pulling up on a corner. If it doesn't lift, it's ready!

Water New Sod Less Frequently But for Longer in Weeks Three to Four

As the newly installed sod matures during weeks three to four, it's important to adjust your watering routine. At this stage, you should gradually reduce the frequency of watering. Instead of watering throughout the day, you can transition to watering once or twice a day. However, during each watering session, be sure to increase the duration to ensure that the water penetrates deeply into the soil. This deep watering will encourage the roots to grow downward, resulting in a stronger and healthier lawn.

Avoid Watering Your New Sod at Night to Prevent Fungal Disease

Whatever you do, avoid watering your new sod at night! When you water at night, the moisture tends to sit on the grass for an extended period, increasing the likelihood of fungal growth. Fungal lawn diseases thrive in moist environments and can have adverse effects on the health and growth of your sod, hindering its successful establishment. Instead, watering your lawn in the early morning allows it to absorb the water effectively and utilize it throughout the day.

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