If you recently had sod installed on your property in North Carolina, you're most likely enjoying the color and life it added to your yard! To keep it looking great, you'll want to give it a trim by mowing it! However, there are certain guidelines you need to follow when mowing new sod. You must wait until about two weeks after installation before mowing it to give the sod enough time to establish its roots on the ground. Additionally, the lawn mower deck height should be set higher than usual during the first mow so you don't cut off too much from the grass blades, preventing any stress to the growing lawn. You'll also want to avoid watering your new lawn the day before you plan to mow so the ground can firm up and the lawn mower does not easily pull up the roots of the sod!

Wait to mow your new sod until about two weeks after installation.

The first mow of your new sod should happen two weeks after installation. During the first two weeks, the sod is still fragile and establishing roots in the soil. Mowing it right away puts your sod at risk of damage while it is still vulnerable, putting additional stress on it and hindering its progress. You'll want to mow your new sod when it has taken root already so it can handle the mowing!

A good indicator that your new sod is ready for mowing is by gently tugging up on it. If your new sod does not lift when you tug up on it, its roots are established enough. Sod that lifts easily still needs more time to grow its roots so it doesn't get damaged during mowing.

Set your Lawn Mower's Deck Higher Than Usual When Mowing Your Sod for the First Time

Crew mowing new sod in Greensboro, NC, near a mulched landscape bed.

Once you've confirmed that your new sod has established its roots and is ready for mowing, it's time to take the mower out! Before starting to mow, make sure the deck height is set higher than usual. Different types of lawns have certain mowing height requirements. However, new sod has to be mowed higher than usual so you don't cut too much off the top of the grass blades. A general rule of thumb is to not cut more than 1/3 off the grass blades so your new lawn does not become too short. This will prevent causing any unwanted stress to your new sod while still ensuring it looks neat and manicured.

Make sure your lawn mower's blades are sharp to create clean cuts on the grass blades.

Don't water your new sod the day before you plan to mow.

Sprinkler head watering grass in Greensboro, NC.

Another important guideline to follow when mowing new sod is to not water it the day before you plan to mow for the first time. Doing this will ensure the soil is firm and dry as the lawn mower goes across your lawn. Keep in mind that a strict watering schedule is crucial during the first two weeks since installing the sod to aid in root development. However, watering before you plan to mow will make the soil soft and wet. As a result, the lawn mower can sink in the soil and potentially pull out the roots of the grass! Cutting back on watering before the day of the first mow allows the ground to firm up to prevent any damage to the roots of your new sod.

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