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Custom fire pit made for customers of Ideal in Greensboro, NC.

Fire Pit
& Fireplace Installation in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Summerfield, & All Areas of the Triad

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We offer fire pit and fireplace installation to homes and businesses in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Summerfield, NC and nearby areas.

Our team can create custom fire features or install kits to serve as excellent focal points for your property.

Stone paver fire pit installed by Ideal professionals in Kernersville, NC.

Fire pits and fireplaces are great additions to homes and businesses as they quickly become focal points on your property. At Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation, we can install a kit or create a custom fire pit or fireplace so you can enjoy the cool seasons of North Carolina. Our fire pits and fireplace are available in gas-burning and wood-burning options, so you can choose whichever style meets your specific needs or preferences.

Our crew strives to deliver beautiful fire features that will draw the attention of your visitors and stand the test of time. We provide our fire pit and fireplace installation services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Summerfield, NC and nearby areas.

We can assemble your fire pit or fireplace using kits of your choice!

If you want a fire pit or a fireplace installed on your property and you don't want to wait too long, our kits are the perfect option for you. Using kits for a fire pit or fireplace is a popular choice in the Greensboro and Winston-Salem areas, as they simplify the installation process since the materials are readily available. Our crew will put together the parts, ensuring everything is correctly installed, so you can start enjoying your new fire feature as soon as possible. Our kits are available in numerous material options and we only use kits sourced from reliable manufacturers.

Add a Completely Customized Fire Feature to Your Property

Custom build fireplace with tv installation in Winston-Salem, NC.

We offer custom fire pit and fireplace installation if you want more freedom and control over how your fire feature will look. A completely customized fire feature means you get to decide the size and design of your fire pit or fireplace. While the installation process for your custom fire feature is longer, you get extensive design options!

If you choose to have a custom fire pit installed on your property, our crew at Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation will use concrete blocks with natural stone veneers on the outside to construct it. With the durability of concrete blocks and the fireproof feature of stone veneers, you can expect a long-lasting fire pit!

Our team can incorporate additional hardscape features into your outdoor fireplace like adding a TV above it.

Choose between a gas-burning or a wood-burning fire pit or fireplace.

Whether you want to install a fire pit or a fireplace, you need to choose whether it will be a gas-burning or a wood-burning fire feature. It's a tough choice between the two, so here's a breakdown of what these options entail:

  • Gas-burning: Gas-burning fire features are perfect if you're looking for a fire feature that is simple to use as they can be turned on and off with the touch of a button.
  • Wood-burning: This option provides the classic campfire feel with the smoke and smell that only wood can provide. However, you have to have a supply of wood on hand to keep it burning.

Enhance your outdoor living space by adding a fire pit or a fireplace. Call us today to get started.

Custom fire pit and patio with seating wall near Summerfield, NC.

If you are thinking of adding a fire pit or a fireplace to your property, we're ready to help. Whether you want a gas-burning or wood-burning fire feature, our team will work with you to deliver a stunning fire pit or fireplace that will enhance your outdoor living space.

Our fire pit and fireplace installations services are available to homes and businesses in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Summerfield, NC and nearby areas. Call us today at (336) 396-9191 to schedule!


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