Irrigation systems are essential for keeping lawns in North Carolina hydrated and healthy, making it a worthwhile investment. However, you should consider the differences between drip and sprinkler irrigation systems to determine which is better suited for your landscape. A drip system is water-efficient and built with small pipes that dispense water directly to the roots of plants; it will deliver the right amount at the precise time to prevent water waste and keep your lawn thoroughly hydrated. A sprinkler system covers a larger area and sprays water out of sprinkler heads to simulate rainfall; each head is calibrated to its designated zone and can deliver more water to areas that need it. Both systems are great irrigation options for your property, and choosing one depends on your goals and budget.

The Differences Between Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation line by planting in Greensboro, NC.

While both drip and sprinkler irrigation systems will keep your landscape watered, there are significant differences to be aware of. A drip system consists of small pipes installed across your property that supply water to areas that need it. It's designed to drip the right amount of water directly to the roots underneath, making it an efficient irrigation method that will:

  • Reduce water runoff and conserve soil nutrients
  • Prevent water waste
  • Decrease evaporation and allow the roots to use most of the water
Sprinkler in lawn in Elon, NC.

A sprinkler system consists of sprinkler heads strategically placed throughout your property; they are assigned to a specific zone and calibrated to dispense the correct amount of water to that area, ensuring full coverage. This system sprays large amounts of water to simulate rainfall.

Drip irrigation systems help to reduce the chances of lawn diseases forming by minimizing water contact with the leaves and stems of grass and plants.

Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Are Equally Beneficial for Your Property

You can't go wrong with a drip or sprinkler irrigation system for your property! Each is equally beneficial in different ways, and choosing one that better suits your property depends on your goals and budget. Drip systems are water-efficient and provide water directly to the roots of your grass or plants. While less water is being used, they administer the perfect amount to ensure the root systems of your grass and plants are thoroughly watered. What's better, it can help to reduce your water bill! Meanwhile, sprinkler systems cover more ground and can yield a lot of water to areas that need it. They are strategically placed to provide broader coverage and keep your entire property watered. If you're concerned about your property's appearance, don't worry! Sprinkler heads are designed to be discreet and, when not in use, are well-hidden and can detract back into the ground.

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