If you think your lawn in North Carolina is infected with brown patch, there are a few things you should do. First off, you should consult with a professional that can confirm if it's truly brown patch or if the browning is due to some other reason. Once they have verified the infection, you’ll want to have them apply a curative treatment that targets the brown patch fungus. After the infection has been removed, depending on the extent of the damage, you’ll likely want to consider restorative actions like fertilization, aeration, and overseeding to nurse your lawn back to health. Lastly, to prevent brown patch from coming back in the future, it’s best to have preventative treatments applied next year. While brown patch can be damaging, quick action and expert guidance can give your lawn the upper hand against this common issue.

Consult with lawn care professionals to verify if your lawn is infected with brown patch.

If you suspect your lawn has fallen victim to the notorious brown patch, swift action is key. Before panic sets in, reach out to lawn care professionals immediately. Their expertise can accurately diagnose the issue and confirm whether brown patch is indeed the culprit. Brown patch is a fungal disease that often appears as circular, brown areas in your lawn, sometimes with a dark outer ring. However, these symptoms can sometimes mimic other problems, so it's crucial to get a professional opinion.

If your lawn is suffering from brown patch, schedule a curative treatment right away!

Upon confirming the presence of brown patch, don't fret—solutions are at hand. Schedule curative treatments designed to target and eliminate the infection. Lawn care professionals are equipped with the know-how to select the appropriate fungicides and apply them effectively. These treatments combat the brown patch fungus, allowing your lawn to recover and regain its vibrant green hue. Timely intervention is crucial, as brown patch can spread if left unchecked.

If your lawn was damaged due to brown patch, you can schedule lawn care services to help it recover.

After the curative treatments have been applied to eliminate brown patch from your lawn, your turf might need a bit of extra care to fully recuperate. You can schedule professional lawn care services to nurse your lawn back to health! These services might include lawn fertilization to give your grass the nutrients it needs to recover, aeration to give the roots of your grass access to the resources they need to recuperate, and overseeding to fill in any bare areas with new grass.

Brown patch is more likely to occur when the weather is warm and humid, as these are optimal conditions for the growth and spread of fungus.

You can avoid future brown patch infections with preventative treatments.

Once you've battled and conquered brown patch, the last thing you want is a recurrence next year. To keep your lawn safe from this persistent foe, take a proactive approach. Sign up for preventative lawn disease control treatments in the early spring, before the conditions for brown patch to thrive return. These treatments create a barrier against the fungus, reducing the risk of an outbreak in the coming seasons. By investing in prevention, you'll be ensuring that your lawn remains resilient and vibrant, with no room for brown patch to make a comeback.

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