Fertilization can be your lawn's saving grace after an eventful winter of snow, ice, and generally frosty temperatures in North Carolina. During this period your grass lies dormant and needs a pick-me-up for the arrival of spring. Fertilization plays the ideal partner in your lawn's journey through the season. That's why it is crucial that your lawn is fertilized twice this spring. Treatment should take place once in the early spring and again at the end of the season. Also, be sure to check that the fertilizer used on your lawn contains an ample amount of nitrogen. Nitrogen helps soil stimulate root growth and is key in building protein, which is the building block for every living thing, including grass. Continue reading for more information on why you should fertilize your lawn twice this spring.

An early spring fertilizer treatment provides a major boost for your lawn.

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As the temperature rises and your lawn is prompted to begin its yearly thaw out after winter has ended, it will need some help regaining its strength. Fertilization is the ideal helper as it provides a substantial boost of nutrients to help your grass enter the growing season in good health. Applying a fertilization treatment at the beginning of spring also helps your lawn maintain its lush, green color, enhancing the overall curb appeal of your property.

Late spring fertilization properly prepares your lawn for the summer.

After your lawn has woken up from the winter and re-established itself in the newness of spring, it'll need ongoing nourishment to prepare for the summer heat. That's why you should fertilize your lawn for a second time in late spring. Fertilizer fortifies your grass with the nutrients necessary to endure the warmer months and flourish throughout the summer season.

Fertilizer comes in different forms such as liquid or granular and fast-acting or slow-release.

Make sure that the spring fertilizer you're using has an ample amount of nitrogen!

Along with phosphorous and potassium, nitrogen is one of the "big three" when it comes to the makeup of fertilizer. Arguably the most important of the big three, nitrogen is vital to the health and growth of your lawn in the spring because it:

  • Plays a key role in the formation of amino acids
  • Is part of the chlorophyll molecule, which gives grass its green color and allows it to harness sunlight through photosynthesis
  • Helps regulate water and nutrient absorption (plant metabolism)

Fertilizer is essential in assisting your lawn during the growing season. But it is just as important that the appropriate fertilizer be used to supplement the nutrients your grass receives naturally. Nitrogen-rich fertilizer is a must if you want to equip your grass with the sturdiness it needs to hold up from the beginning of spring to the end.

Our full-service maintenance program includes fertilization treatments. Call us to enroll in this program today.

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