When the weather starts to get colder in North Carolina, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are great features to have as they can enhance your outdoor living space and provide warmth while enjoying your outdoor space. Both of these are amazing options and deciding on which one is the better option for your property can be difficult. Fortunately for you, we are here to help with your decision process! When deciding between these two fire features, you should consider factors such as the amount of space you have on your property, the type of gatherings you will be hosting, your design goals, and your overall budget. Continue reading to learn more about the things you should consider when choosing between a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace.

When choosing between a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace, consider how much space you have on your property.

The amount of space you have on your property should be taken into consideration when choosing between a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace. Fire pits are smaller and take up a lot less space so they are perfect for smaller properties. On the other hand, outdoor fireplaces take up a lot more space. You will need to make sure your property will have enough space to be able to accommodate one. It is important you choose the one that works best for your property so you don't end up with one that doesn't fit the size of your outdoor area.

Are you looking to enjoy your fire feature with a lot of people or just a few?

Fireplace installed for a home in Winston-Salem, NC.

If you tend to host large gatherings and want a lot of people to enjoy the fire at once, a fire pit will be the best option for you. Because fire pits have a 360-degree design, they make it much easier for everyone to gather around and enjoy. Outdoor fireplaces only provide heat directly in front of them so only a few people at a time will be able to enjoy the coziness of the fire. If you are looking for a cozier, intimate setting, then an outdoor fireplace is perfect for you!

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are usually available in wood or gas-burning options.

What are your design goals for your fire feature?

Both a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace will immediately enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor living space. When choosing between these two options, you should consider your design goals. Fire pits are more subtle and can blend in with your existing landscape. Outdoor fireplaces are large statement pieces and if you add one to your property, it will instantly become a focal point. So, if you want something more low-key, a fire pit is a great option. If you want your fire feature that will stand out, go with an outdoor fireplace.

When choosing between a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace, consider your budget.

Fit pit installed by seating wall and walkway in Summerfield, NC.

Your overall budget for the project should be taken into account when deciding between an outdoor fireplace and a fire pit. Because outdoor fireplaces are usually larger than fire pits, they tend to cost more. Although other factors will affect the price such as the material and the type of fuel you are going to use, an outdoor fireplace will likely cost more than a fire pit.

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