If you want to keep your landscape beds in North Carolina looking and feeling their best, you should refresh their mulch every year. Mulch provides several benefits for your plants, including regulating soil temperature, preventing unwanted weed growth, and helping the soil retain moisture. It is important to replenish your mulch yearly because it decomposes over time, meaning it loses these beneficial properties; the ideal time to do this is either in the spring or fall. When refreshing it, make sure it's 2-3 inches thick to ensure your landscape beds reap optimal benefits.

Mulch needs to be refreshed once a year to provide the most benefits to your landscape.

Mulch in a landscape bed in Greensboro, NC.

To ensure mulch provides the most benefits to your landscape, you'll want to refresh it once a year. Keeping this ground cover fresh is crucial, as it's made of organic materials that naturally break down over time. While it releases nutrients back into the soil as it breaks down, it also means that it loses its other beneficial properties. For example, it helps prevent weed growth in your landscape beds, retain moisture within the soil, and regulate soil temperature to protect the roots of your plants from extreme fluctuations. However, as it decomposes, it'll thin out and won't be able to offer the full protection and aesthetic value that comes with fresh mulch. By refreshing it once a year, you can keep it in good condition to reap all its intended health benefits!

Make sure to leave about 1 inch around the base of your plants when installing mulch to avoid smothering them.

When should you refresh your mulch ground cover?

It is recommended to apply fresh mulch to your landscape beds during the spring or fall. These seasons are ideal for replenishing mulch, as it'll provide extra protection to your plants during high-stress times of the year. In the spring, a fresh layer of mulch will insulate the roots of your plants from extreme temperatures and drought conditions; this will prepare your landscape beds for the upcoming hot summer season. Similarly, in the fall, mulch will help protect your plants by providing a layer of insulation against potential cold weather damage and retaining much-needed moisture to help them survive the challenging winter season.

Make sure your mulch layer is 2-3 inches thick for the most benefits.

Mulch and plants in a landscape bed in Greensboro, NC.

In order to reap the most benefits from your mulch ground cover, it's essential to maintain a thickness of 2-3 inches, as it provides an effective barrier that insulates the soil and roots while allowing air and water to reach the plants. Anything more than this can smother your plants, while anything less won't give them the intended health perks. By taking care to apply the mulch layer evenly and at the proper thickness, you can optimize its effectiveness in protecting and benefitting your landscape beds.

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