The fall season is a crucial transitional period for your lawn in North Carolina, as it's coming out of the brutal summer months and preparing for winter dormancy. Because of this, it'll need two fertilizer treatments this fall. The first treatment should be applied in early-to-mid fall to help your grass recover from summer stress and replenish its nutrient supply to rebuild its strength. Meanwhile, the second treatment should be administered in late fall/early winter to help it prepare for and survive winter dormancy; you'll want to use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer for this application to stimulate root growth, keep it green, and help it bounce back quicker in the spring.

The First Fertilizer Treatment Should Be Applied in Early-To-Mid Fall

The summer season is taxing on your lawn in North Carolina, as the heat can stress it out. Fortunately, it can get a much-needed reprieve when the temperatures cool down in the fall. To help your grass recover from any summer-related stress, you'll want to apply the first fertilizer treatment in early-to-mid fall. This treatment is vital for providing the nutrients it needs to rebuild its health and strength, plus fortify its defenses against stressors.

For the early-to-mid fall application, you'll want to use a granular, slow-release lawn fertilizer treatment to deliver nutrients gradually over an extended period.

The Second Fertilizer Treatment Should Be Applied in Late Fall/Early Winter

While the first fertilizer treatment will help repair your lawn and get it back in good condition, it's not enough to carry it through the winter. Because of this, you'll want to apply a second treatment in late fall/early winter. This application will give your grass valuable nourishment that helps it prepare for the winter and survive until the following spring. Additionally, it'll ensure it transitions into dormancy healthy, meaning it'll have an easier time bouncing back quicker at the start of the new growing season!

Make Sure That the Second Fall Fertilizer Treatment Is Rich in Nitrogen

Since the second fertilizer treatment in late fall/early winter will be the last one before your lawn in North Carolina goes dormant, you'll want to make sure that it's rich in nitrogen. Nitrogen is one of the three essential macronutrients next to phosphorus and potassium, which aid in chlorophyll production. Chlorophyll gives your grass its desirable green color, plus has a vital role in photosynthesis, which involves turning sunlight into fuel that it can use for vigorous growth.

With a nitrogen-rich fall fertilizer treatment, you can stimulate the development of deep, robust root systems, which your lawn needs to get through the winter season. It'll also keep it lush and green throughout dormancy, plus help it bounce back and green up quicker in the spring!

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