When our clients in Winston-Salem, NC reached out to us, they were interested in replacing their old driveway with a new one that would increase the curb appeal of their home. They scheduled a consultation with us, and we came out to their home so that we could listen to their goals and get an idea of what they were looking for in a new driveway. After listening to our input and recommendations, they decided that they wanted their new driveway to be constructed using high-quality pavers. Once everything was settled, we schedule a time to come out to their home to install their driveway.

For this project, we first removed their old driveway, prepped the area, and installed a modified base. Then, we installed their driveway using high-quality pavers. Finally, we cleaned up the area and made sure that our clients were satisfied with the results.

We removed their old driveway and installed a modified base.

Before photo of a driveway installation project in Winston-Salem, NC.

When we arrived at our client's home on the installation day, the first thing that we had to do was to remove their existing driveway. Once that was finished, we cleared out all of the debris from that space so that there would be nothing in our way. Then, we installed a modified base in the space where their driveway would go. The modified base that we installed, which is unique to our company and is designed to provide better drainage and compaction, provided the perfect foundation for their new driveway. After that was finished, we could finally get started on installing their new driveway.

We constructed their new driveway using high-quality pavers.

High-quality pavers placed for driveway installation project in Winston-Salem, NC.

Once we finished removing their old driveway and installing the modified base, it was time to get started installing their driveway. We used high-quality pavers that our clients picked out during our initial consultation to construct their driveway. While installing the pavers, we followed a unique pattern that our clients picked out which featured different-sized pavers that were laid out both horizontally and vertically. This unique pattern really made their new driveway stand out! Once we finished installing their driveway, it was time to wrap up the project by cleaning everything up.

Some popular paver patterns include herringbone, running bond, and stack bond!

The last step of this driveway installation project was to clean everything up and make sure our clients were happy with the way it looked.

Cleaned pavers for driveway after project installation in Winston-Salem, NC.

After we completed the installation of the driveway, it was time to clean everything up. We put away all of our tools, cleaned up any debris that was on their driveway, and made sure that it looked fantastic. Once the cleanup was complete, we had our clients come out to take a look at it to ensure that they were happy with the way that it looked. They were absolutely thrilled with the way that their project turned out and love how they now have a beautiful, durable driveway that increases the overall curb appeal of their property.

Project Photos

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