Our team at Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation places an emphasis on giving back to our community. Recently, we had a chance to do just that by volunteering at the Heroes Center in High Point, NC. The Heroes Center is a nonprofit organization that helps military veterans successfully navigate the transition back to life as a civilian. That transition can be very challenging, but the Heroes Center comes alongside veterans to support them every step of the way. We stand by our veterans and fully believe in the center's mission, which is why we wanted to donate our services.

During our time at the Heroes Center, we cleaned up the campus and renovated the front entrance by installing a beautiful landscape bed. The landscape bed includes stone edging, numerous plants, outdoor lights, and more. Now, the Heroes Center has an eye-catching front entrance and a well-manicured campus for veterans to enjoy. We were thankful for the opportunity to partner with the Heroes Center and appreciate their dedication to serving the military community.

What is the Heroes Center, and why did we volunteer there?

The Heroes Center is a military veterans support camp in High Point, NC. It exists to help veterans transition successfully from the military back to civilian life, which can be a very challenging journey. The Heroes Center accomplishes its mission by providing veterans with housing and food, helping them find jobs, and educating them about VA benefits. Additionally, it hosts weekend retreats and other events for active-duty military members, veterans, and their families. We volunteered at the Heroes Center because we believe in their mission and want to support our military community. We recognize that our freedom is a result of the sacrifice made by countless men and women in our armed forces.

The Heroes Center is a faith-based 501c3 nonprofit organization.

We Cleaned up the Heroes Center Campus

Ideal team's community involvement cleaning landscape in High Point, NC.

Part of our project at the Heroes Center included cleaning up its campus. When we arrived, it was covered in fallen leaves, so our team used high-powered leaf blowers to clear them from the grass and landscape beds. We didn't stop there. Our team also mowed the grass, edged the perimeter of the property, and trimmed some overgrown shrubs. When we finished, the campus was neat and well-manicured for the veterans to enjoy.

Our team renovated the front entrance by installing a landscape bed.

Mulch and plantings installed for Heroes Center sign in High Point, NC.

In addition to cleaning up the Heroes Center campus, our team also renovated the front entrance by installing a beautiful landscape bed. The landscape bed surrounds the front entrance sign and features stone edging, fresh mulch, a variety of plants, and a decorative boulder. We also installed two landscape lights that are pointed at the front entrance sign so that it is illuminated at night. Now, the Heroes Center has an eye-catching entrance that passersby won't be able to miss, regardless of the time of day.

The materials used to renovate the Heroes Center front entrance were graciously donated by our partners at SiteOne Landscape Supply.

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Support our military veterans. Donate to the Heroes Center today!

Our team at Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation is grateful for the opportunity we had to volunteer our services at the Heroes Center. This impactful, nonprofit organization is making a massive difference in the lives of military veterans every single day. While donating our lawn and landscaping services helped the Heroes Center, it is far from the only way to give back. In fact, you can make your own donation to the Heroes Center by visiting the donation page on its website. To find out more about our team's services, call us today at (336) 396-9191!