Outdoor lighting is an excellent investment in itself. However, there are features that you can add to upgrade your outdoor lighting system and take it to the next level. Connecting your outdoor lights to Bluetooth is one feature that can make your system more convenient, as it gives you the ability to control your outdoor lights from your phone. Consider using color-changing and dimming lights, too, because they help enhance the ambiance on your property in North Carolina!

An underrated feature of outdoor lights is the use of zones. You can set different zones and adjust the brightness of lights in different areas on your property, creating a lighting display that is easy on the eyes. Keep reading to learn more about these 4 features that will enhance your outdoor lighting system.

1. Bluetooth

Home owner controlling outdoor lights using mobile phone in Elon, NC.

Outdoor LED lights controlled by Bluetooth are undoubtedly convenient. With Bluetooth-controlled outdoor lights, you can control your outdoor lights from your phone! This means that you can turn them on from wherever you're at, so you won't have to get up and do it manually. You can even turn them on when you're not at your property!

LED lights use around 75% less energy when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs!

2. Color-changing Lights

Colored LED lights installed for client's property in Summerfield, NC.

More and more property owners are loving the advantage of having color-changing outdoor lights. Who wouldn't? Color-changing lights can improve the mood on your property. With color-changing lights, you can amp up your events by switching to colorful and vibrant lights, like blue, red, violet, and even a mix of colors!

It's not only parties that call for color-changing lights. If you're feeling tired of a plain old wall on one side of your property, you can utilize different colors and lighting techniques to add some flavor to a simple wall. In doing so, your property can look more appealing at night.

3. Zoning

Lighting on landscape features in Greensboro, NC.

With zoning, you can divide your outdoor space into different areas and use different lighting settings in each zone. In doing so, not every light on every part of your property has the same intensity of brightness, creating a beautiful flow of lights on your property. Here are two vital factors when creating zones in your outdoor space:

  • Aesthetics: Your hardscapes, such as fire pits, water features, and pergolas, deserve to be showcased at night. You can have them as separate zones so they stand out more than other parts of your outdoor space.
  • Safety: You can highlight certain areas like walkways and steps so that you and your guests can safely traverse them.

4. Dimming

Dimmed lighting around home in Jamestown, NC.

Adding the ability to dim your outdoor lights helps improve the ambiance on your property. Dimmed lights surrounding your home or business create a more peaceful scene at night. What's more, dimming your outdoor lights means they are consuming less energy. Less energy consumption helps the lights to last longer and also means that your energy bills will be less than if the lights were set to maximum brightness.

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