During the summertime in North Carolina, you'll likely want to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather as much as you can. Since you'll be spending so much time outside, you'll want your property to look its best. One great way to add to the beauty of your property is to add flowers that bloom during the summer. 4 annual flowers that you can plant in your garden for summer blooms are begonias, lantanas, impatiens, and blanket flowers. Read on to learn more about these flowers and how they can add to the aesthetics of your property this summer!

1. Begonias

Begonia annual flowers in landscaping in Greensboro, NC.

Begonias are a beautiful tropical flower species that have glossy or metallic green leaves. These flowers start blooming early in the summer and last late into the fall. Begonias bloom in large clusters that turn virtually the entire plant light pink.

As a tropical flower, begonias thrive in warm and humid conditions. When planting begonias in your garden, make sure to place them in areas that receive indirect sunlight so that they can thrive. These flowers are susceptible to fluctuating temperatures and overwatering, so make sure they are in landscape beds that drain well.

2. Lantanas

Lantanas flowers in landscape in Summerfield, NC.

Lantanas are another bright tropical flower that thrives in North Carolina during the summer. Lantanas come in many colors like pink, white, yellow, orange, red, and purple. They have a long blooming season, lasting virtually year-round in non-frost conditions, but grow at a slow rate. Add lantanas as ground cover or to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and pollinators to your landscape beds. These plants flourish when they are planted in landscape beds that have well-draining soil that is exposed to full sun.

3. Impatiens

Impatiens flowers in landscape in Winston-Salem, NC.

Impatiens are tender summertime annuals that come in nearly every color of the rainbow. Impatiens bloom in red, orange, salmon, rose, pink, white, violet, or lavender blue. These flowers are identified by their three heart-shaped petals on each bloom.

As dainty flowers, impatiens have more specific light exposure and soil concerns than the other species on this list. Impatiens need protection from the hot afternoon sun and want adequately draining, but moist soil. Impatiens also need a mulch covering to thrive. Although they have more particular preferences than other flower types, impatiens don't need to be pruned because they clean themselves by shedding dead flowers.

Install an irrigation system to make sure your garden beds are thoroughly watered throughout the summer.

4. Blanket Flowers

Blanket flowers in landscape bed in Jamestown, NC.

Officially named the Gaillardia flower, this annual native flower has firey petals with fuzzy green leaves. Blanket flowers bloom from early summer and usually last until the first frost of the year. These flowers are extremely resilient annuals and they can withstand harsh soil conditions. They tolerate both sandy and salty soil and they don't need to be fertilized very often. These flowers are so vivacious, that they are commonly inserted into wildflower seed mixes at grocery stores. As long as blanket flowers have full sun and adequate drainage, they should flourish.

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