With spring comes new life and growth, and as it approaches here in North Carolina, you'll want to prepare your plants for a successful growing season. To do this, you'll want to trim and prune them. These essential maintenance tasks will maintain the health and beauty of your plants; while trimming involves removing overgrowth to make them shapely and aesthetically appealing, pruning is the process of eliminating dead or diseased branches to ensure the problem doesn't spread to the rest of the plant. Additionally, installing fresh mulch in your landscape beds can help your plants, as it'll retain moisture and control weeds, among other benefits. Continue reading to learn more about these three services and how they can help set up your plants for a successful growing season!

1. Trimming your plants can keep them looking their best in preparation for the growing season.

A plant being trimmed in a landscape bed in Greensboro, NC.

Trimming your plants is a crucial aspect of maintaining their aesthetic appearance and preparing them for a successful growing season. Trimming involves removing any overgrowth and stray, unruly branches on your plants to keep them looking their best. This process can be done any time they begin to start looking messy to make them neat and manicured. However, that's not all - trimming will allow sunlight to reach other areas of your plants so they can thrive and be in tip-top condition this growing season.

2. Pruning your plants can help to keep them healthy and set them up for a successful growing season.

A professional pruning a rose brush in a client's landscape bed in Greensboro, NC.

Pruning is another way to set up your plants for a successful growing season by keeping them healthy. Pruning involves removing dead or diseased branches, or even areas that are infested with insects, to prevent those issues from spreading to other parts of your plants. It will also make room for and promote new, healthy growth. When it comes to pruning, you need to be very careful while doing it because this practice can be detrimental to the health of your plants if done incorrectly or at the wrong time. If you want to play it safe and ensure they are pruned correctly and at the right time, you should hire professionals to do it for you.

3. Installing mulch in your landscape beds will keep your plants healthy in preparation for the growing season.

A homeowner in Gibsonville, NC adding mulch to her landscape beds for the spring season.

Another way to prepare your plants for the growing season is to install mulch in your landscape beds. Mulch offers a multitude of health benefits, including reducing soil erosion, preventing weed growth, retaining moisture, and regulating soil temperature. Mulch can help reduce erosion by keeping the soil in place and stopping it from washing away. Additionally, this ground cover can help prevent weed growth by smothering them and blocking their access to resources, such as sunlight. That way, they don't steal precious nutrients and space from your plants. Mulch can also help with moisture retention by reducing evaporation, which will optimize the amount of water that goes to your plants. Finally, it will regulate the soil temperature, keeping it cooler during the summer so your plants stay healthy.

There are various mulches to choose from to flatter your aesthetic preferences and make your plants stand out, including dark brown mulch and black mulch.

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