While your outdoor living space is perfect for enjoying the nice weather in North Carolina and hosting guests,a seating wall can make it better! A seating wall is a functional and stylistic addition to your property, providing extra seating for guests to gather and enhancing the overall aesthetic by becoming an appealing focal point. Not only that, but seating walls are durable and low-maintenance! They're built to withstand even the harshest weather and don't need much upkeep to stay looking their best. With a seating wall, you can encourage more time spent outside and create more opportunities to appreciate the beauty of your outdoor living space!

1. A seating wall adds extra seating to your outdoor living space.

Seating wall installed for patio in Greensboro, NC.

Your outdoor living space should be a place to gather, but struggling to find enough seating for guests is a common issue. Because of this, extra seating is a must. A seating wall adds built-in seating to your property so you can have enough space for people to sit and enjoy the outdoors. It eliminates having to search for chairs when you plan to host guests; better yet, you won't have to put those chairs away once everyone leaves! You can place a seating wall near features like fire pits,patios,outdoor kitchens, and other places people tend to gather on your property.

2. You can customize your seating wall to be an aesthetic focal point on your property.

Seating wall installed by fire feature in Kernersville, NC.

A seating wall is more than just a functional addition to your property, it's a stylish one too. You can customize your seating wall to enhance the overallaesthetic of your property and become a beautiful focal point. When you build one with materials that meet your aesthetic preferences, your seating wall can fit in perfectly with the rest of your outdoor living space.

Concrete block is a commonly used material to build seating walls, but a stone veneer can cover it for a customizable appearance that best suits your property's aesthetic.

3. Seating walls are durable, low-maintenance features.

Low maintenance seating wall with outdoor lighting installed for clients in Winston-Salem, NC.

Unlike outdoor furniture that gets old and worn over time, a seating wall is durable and can withstand the elements in North Carolina. It's a long-lasting feature, built to stand the test of time and continue to do so even after harsh weather. Gone are the days of having to bring your outdoor furniture inside, or pick up the pieces, after a bad storm! A seating wall is also low-maintenance and doesn't require much upkeep to stay looking its best. At most, it'll need an occasional hose down to clear off debris and dirt. A seating wall is a convenient addition to your outdoor living space and is easy to maintain, making it an ideal seating choice.

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At Ideal Landscaping & Irrigation, we have been installing beautiful and durable seating walls since 1999! Years of experience and extensive training have taught us how to create a long-lasting, durable seating wall for your outdoor living space. We will also ensure that we construct a seating wall that satisfies your aesthetic preferences and becomes a focal point on your property. Adding a seating wall is perfect for prolonging time spent outside and gathering in specific areas of your property.

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